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100 years ago, ultrasound was used to explore the ocean.

80 years ago, ultrasound was used to observe the starry sky.

70 years ago, ultrasound was used to research bodies.

And now, with artificial intelligence, ultrasound is used to enter hearts.

"Intelligent in mind, simplein operation." --- Labat

Intelligent in Mind

New generation Holo platform, unique AI nerve recognition technology.

Minimal Workflow

No matter in our user-friendly touch screen or in our specialty dedicated control panel, it all shows our ultimate pursuit of simplicity; Not only our innovative laser navigation technology can provide the best user experience for you, it also creats a short cut in teaching through our brand new NYSORA courses and wiShow tutorial recording.

  • A. 21.3 - inch Full Touch Screen
  • B. NYSORA - Continuing Education
  • C. Four Transducer Ports
  • D. Battery Display
  • E. Simplified Control Panel
  • F. Electric Height Adjustment
  • G. Large Capacity Battery
  • H. Durable casters
  • I. Fingerprint Recognition
  • J. QR Code Sharing
  • K. 5G SIM-card Inside

Versitle Probe Solutions

A board range of probes can provide more accurate and conprehensive clinical solutions for our clients. The innovative probe button and probe marking point design, guarantee convenient clinical application within reach.

The C6-1B-H single crystal wide frequency convex array transducer provides excellent penetration and resolution, ideal for all types of body.

The L15-4WB-H wide linear array transducer with 50mm provides a broader range of scanning, specially target breast & MSK.

The L22-10-H ultra-high frequency liner array transducer, will enable you to have a richer and clearer view on the subtle structure. Ideal for children, superficial and small joint.

The SP5-1-H single crystal phased array transducer provides excellent performance and more detailed blood flow information of cardiac image.

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